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Sterling Financial Print has signed up to the Company Tracker application offered by World Wide Generation (WWG) to ensure that our company helps build a sustainable future for the world we live and work in.

Company Tracker is part of WWG’s G17Eco platform which enables companies to track their progress against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

In the global marketplace, companies need to consider carefully how their activities affect the planet and its people. Right now, we need to take positive steps to improve our world’s future.

Joe Cotterell, Marketing Director at Sterling Financial Print, stated, “This is the continuation of a journey for Sterling Financial Print and we are committed to focussing our efforts on achieving positive results. It’s all about greater accountability. WWG gives us the tools to monitor our performance against specific targets so we can view our achievements and meet our responsibilities – as well as delivering a more sustainable product to our clients.”

JP Hamilton, Success Director at WWG, commented, “Company Tracker on G17Eco helps companies identify what they need to measure and then enables them to monitor and manage performance and progress against their goals. This leads to innovation and action to do things differently and better in terms of achieving sustainable long-term performance.”

As people become increasingly aware of the over-riding need to address the world’s problems through the ways in which they live and work, Sterling Financial Print is committed to tackling these major issues in practical and accountable ways.

As Joe Cotterell says, “Sustainability is something we all need to face up to and work towards if we wish to see a brighter future. Sterling is intent on playing its part in this process.”


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