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Sterling is well-known for its high-performance print work on financial projects such as M&As and IPOs. Meanwhile our creative resource, Sterling Studio, has established an excellent reputation for creative consultancy, graphic design and copywriting for Annual Reports.

Indeed, many of the companies who use Sterling’s print services for their IPO documents go on to seek our help with the creation of their Annual Reports – as the examples shown here demonstrate.

One of our recent clients had this to say about Sterling Studio’s creative and supportive role: “Many thanks for the input you provided. Now that our Annual Report is finished, I’m very pleased with what we were able to achieve. I cannot express how useful it was to have an experienced team to bounce ideas off and provide assistance. You guys have been amazing.”

During 2021 Sterling Studio has produced Annual Reports for a wide variety of companies, including The Panoply, Johnson Service Group, Sportech and Velocys, where Sterling’s print prowess is matched by our professional skills in design, artwork, content consultancy and copywriting.


Contact Sterling Studio if you’d like our help with the creation and production of your Annual Report or any other corporate or marketing literature.

Telephone: 020 7634 4900 Email:


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