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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Your corporate literature should express your company’s ethos.

Sterling Studio designs effective documents that reflect your values.


Graphic ways to transform your Annual Reports

Annual Reports are not only a legal necessity but also a marketing opportunity. Make the most of that opportunity with highly creative design that features powerful imagery within clear page layouts – and keep words to a select minimum to get your points across with clarity and strength.

Jamie Rusted, Creative Director at Sterling Studio, believes that your corporate literature should express your company ethos with impact and style. That’s why his designs reflect your company’s values with a creative flair that ensures the strongest presence.

With many specialist financial documents, there’s very little room for creativity. Regulations and time-honoured tradition demand that such official documents for Rights Issues, IPOs and High Yield Bonds follow the same format and adopt standard typography so they end up looking very similar – and, dare we say it, rather dull.


Sterling has designs on your corporate literature

However, when it comes to a company’s Report & Accounts, there are no such creative restrictions and a good graphic designer can work closely alongside the client to produce something a great deal more interesting and imaginative. And that’s when Sterling Studio’s Creative Director, Jamie Rusted, gets the chance to express himself most fully – and most happily.

One recent example of a Report & Accounts that allowed Jamie to give free rein to his graphic design skills was the 2020 report he created for The Panoply, a specialist company offering digital transformation services to its clients.

The Panoply was floated on the London stockmarket in 2019 with Sterling Financial Print responsible for the production of their detailed IPO documentation where we were able to offer our usual helpful advice and professional guidance.

Based on the overwhelming success of that IPO project, Sterling Financial Print was then given the opportunity to produce The Panoply’s Annual Report & Accounts and our Creative Director, Jamie Rusted, was happy to take on the challenge.


As Jamie says of his graphic design work for The Panoply:

“The 2020 Report & Accounts has a clean and clear look, making it both powerful and engaging. We were able to show the journey that this company had taken and how they were helping their clients face up to future challenges with confidence and style.”


Jamie took The Panoply brand guidelines and used them to maximum effect. A series of abstract dots developing into forward strokes was adapted to convey the transformative results achieved by this dynamic and forward-thinking technology company.

As Luke Murphy, The Panoply’s Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, commented:

“The graphic design work on our Annual Report was exceptional. Everyone on the board at The Panoply was delighted with the results and the way in which Jamie Rusted at Sterling took our new visual identity and truly brought it to life in such an attractive and informative document.”

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